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After graduating from Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon, Manitoba in
1992 where I received, with honours, an academic and a drafting diploma, I then went to Red River College. In 1999, I graduated with honours from the Structural Design Technology

As an apprentice in this program, I gained my initial experience in this field working a summer
term for MacMillan Bloedel Building Materials who then hired me after I graduated as an
engineered lumber designer for their products.

I continued my experience in this field with Weyerheauser as an engineered lumber
salesperson, selling building materials into residential projects. In 2003, I made the jump to
commercial construction with Trus Joist. I again specialized in selling engineered lumber into
large multi-family projects.

In 2005, due to industry economics, I moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Dauphin, Manitoba. I worked for the McMunn and Yates pre-engineered roof/floor truss plant (Tim-Br-Fab) as a salesperson and designer of engineered lumber and pre-engineered trusses until the end of 2007.

I then decided to venture on my own and Forsythe Technical Design and Consulting was born. In 2009, with my family, I moved back to Brandon, Manitoba and continue to pursue the same course.


There is no substitute for a proper design phase on a new home/cottage building or renovation project! The more planning you undertake in designing your dream home or cottage the more streamlined and cost efficient the construction phase of the project will be. The same can be

said for any renovation project. Big or small! Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting's SOLE focus is as a design firm. We are not bound to any material suppliers, lumber yards, or builders. We have no monetary stake in the building envelope, building systems or materials utilized. Therefore,  as a client working with us, you are not forced to purchase building materials and building services from predetermined companies or organizations. We take pride in our client based design process. Your structure is designed through consultation, with you as the client, to meet your design needs and wants. We also readily research different building methods, products, and practices to allow us to design with current technologies to create a 21st century structure that will stand the test of time. All important in today's society of carbon awareness and energy efficiency.

The full process includes:

An initial consultation meeting to gather your thoughts ideas, pictures, styles. We will also discuss energy efficiency and building envelope systems. I use all information gathered in this meeting as "jumping off" points to get a good picture of what your wants and needs are for the new or renovated structure. At that time I provide you with my insight and what services I can provide to aide you in your journey. This initial meeting usually encompasses 1-2 hours of your time.


Once we have completed this initial consultation I then provide a cost proposal and payment schedule for my services for acceptance.

From that point, preliminary layout floor plans and 3D exterior views are created and sent to you electronically for your review.

We then reconvene to go over the preliminary designs and make any revisions necessary prior to beginning any structural design and drawing packages. It is not unusual to go back and forth 2 or 3 times in this review process before we finally reach the design you want to see. Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting wants you to be able to fine tune your custom design to be 100% pleased. Our favorite aspect of this review process is to get clients to ask the "what if's" that are required in a custom design. Often times I ask questions that clients have not even thought to ask! How does one change affect other aspects of the design? The 3D tools utilized are invaluable in this part of the process! You get to visualize how your new or renovated home/cottage will look when completed with more accuracy than just trying to visualize a 2D line drawing elevation on paper!


From the completion of the preliminary design, structural construction drawings are created for the new home, cottage or renovation. In the case of a renovation project, how the “new" ties into the "old” is crucial at this stage.


The process does not end there. I will often field questions from homeowners, builders, material suppliers, etc. throughout the building process.

Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting welcomes any positive feedback available to aide in improving our business for repeat and future clients.


Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting welcomes business from all homeowners and industry professionals. We take a full consultative approach with all clients and foster a culture of open communication. We can work side by side with developers, interior designers, builders & real estate agencies, in conjunction with their clients, to provide the value and positive feedback for future business relationships.


Please be aware that business is strong. Please contact us early in your design thinking/planning in order to schedule your design experience with Forsythe Technical Design & Consulting. The more time we have the better we can schedule to assist you!

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